Our Testimonials

"For the past 45 years I have been studying people who are the best in their field and have found that there is a golden thread that runs through their lives that connects them. Although these individuals have totally different areas of expertise, they have one thing in common: they are forever learning more about what they do. John C. Robinson is definitely at the top of his game."
Bob Proctor, LifeSuccess Productions

"John is a talented person who sees the potential inside of us. He has provided me with invaluable advice and guidance through the coaching program. I feel very fortunate to count him as a mentor, and believe that I would not be achieving the high level of growth without his assistance."
Darren Dickinson, CEO, GlacierForce LLC

"Thanks, John, for your wisdom and words … this course has been and continues to be a life-changing adventure for me. The ideas for re-purposing content and expanding the business continue to amaze me and have given me more energy and enthusiasm. I’ve filled 1- 1/2 journals, and I feel like I am still in the toddler phase of where this is taking me worldwide. I’ve found my passion and my joy; and everything I’m working on is aligned with my sense of purpose."
Janet Barker , Entrepreneur’s Guide to Book Publishing Profits Course Graduate

More Testimonials

"Before taking John’s course I had all the confidence in the world I could write a book and zero confidence I could publish a book. John answered all the questions I had about publishing a book and bringing it to the masses and more with his easy manor and patient voice. His expertise is obvious within each session of the course leaving nothing out. I highly recommend him to you and I recommend him often to my own clients, family, and friends. I have all the confidence in the world that I am an author now and know how to publish a book!"
Greg McCluskey

"In my humble opinion John Robinson has an exceptional coaching ability... not the usual go out there, do this ,do that I did it so you can too type. John will ask you a lot of questions and as you search yourself for the answers to these questions you suddenly discover a lot about your own strengths and weaknesses. Once you have discovered for yourself what these are he will help you exploit your strengths and build on your personal power to overcome your weakness. Thanks to John Robinson I have gone from someone who had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life to someone who has formed his own corporation, has a growing list of online customers and now has the ability to create income on demand online."
Herold Souter

"This is one of the best and most effective programs that I have ever done. I recommend it for anyone who has the desire to write a book; whether that desire is an uncontrollable burning or those ‘strong feelings’ that have been popping into your mind for the last few years. John C. Robinson delivers. His program is exactly what you need. All the assignments are designed to support you in accomplishing that first breakthrough draft. You will be amazed and inspired by who you are at the end of your coaching journey with John."
A. Bernard , New York, NY

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the coaching I received from John C. Robinson. As a new Business Owner in the Recruitment Industry, the program was able to give me the nuts and bolts in running a successful business. Coach John Robinson was extremely helpful in guiding me along the way to streamlining my Purpose, Vision, and Goals so that it harmonized my overall objectives. “As a result, I have identified several revenue streams in addition to my recruitment services and I am in the process of securing my first Joint Venture Coaching contract with one of my clients, not to mention my first seminar entitled “Grooming for Success”. “I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready to make the first step to success and propel their business to the next level."
Abby McDonald, Ontario, Canada